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Cats Doing Good Deeds

Soon we will be launching a new exclusive NFT project just for Radix users, “Cats Doing Good Deeds”—a set of pixel art Alley Cats that enable the NFT owner exclusive access to a back street alleyway with roadmap updates and airdrop information. Radix holders will be provided the opportunity to purchase packs that contain 5 unique traits (characteristics) for their Alley Cat (“Packs”).  Three types of Packs will be available: Common; Rare; and Ultra Rare. Each Pack contains random Alley Cat traits. Trade your Alley Cat traits or mix and match them to build your very own unique and customized Alley Cats and increase their value.

Our Mission

Minting an Alley Cat comes with great responsibility. 

One hundred percent (100%) of the XRD generated from minting will be placed into the Treasury where the XRD Coins will be staked to one or more of the top 100 community-trusted registered nodes until the launch of Babylon.

Of the entire Treasury amount, three-and-one-half percent (3.5%) of the XRD that was generated from minting will be considered the “Catnip Treasury;” funds designated to generate rewards through staking to be donated to cat related charitable organizations or vet practices. 

After the launch of Babylon, the total rewards generated prior to the launch of Babylon–by the entire Treasury through staking–will be split between four cat related charities designated and chosen by you, the Alley Cat owners.

After these initial donations, the XRD rewards generated from the Catnip Treasury thereafter will be donated once a quarter to a cat related charitable organization or vet practice chosen by the Alley Cat Owners.

Tech Roadmap

While the Radix community anxiously awaits Babylon and all of its exciting NFT capabilities, we will be developing the exclusive Web3-type apps, including the private back alley to which Owners will have exclusive access.


Secure your PackS at the launch


Rip a pack open. Each pack consists of up to 5 Parts generated using a special algorithm. holders can unpack the parts and use them to create thier own unique, 1 of 1 alley cat!


owners will be able to Trade pieces with others on our radix marketplace


Build and launch your unique Alley cat using THE members only webapp

Community Roadmap

Join our community, become one of the Alley Cats Doing Good Deeds–and helping other cats in the process.


Create telegram CHANNEL open TO THE geneal RADIX community


Allow for newletter sign up list


Create owners only telegram


What is a Pack?

A Pack will be much like a multi-token standard. It will contain 5 NFTS once it is opened. Each token can be traded and then flattened when you build the unique Alley Cat.

What are the different Packs?

We will be releasing three types of Packs that will allow you to build your own Alley Cat: 6000 Common Packs (250XRD) that will have duplicate parts like a red play toy; 3000 Rare Packs (500XRD) that will have a few possible duplicates; and 2000 Ultra Rare Packs (1000XRD) that will have epic, unicorn, priceless parts in them. 

Why are these so expensive?

The NFT Pack is not just one item; it will be a multi-token design. We think of it as 5x NFTs in one Pack.

Do you have the experience to do this?

Yes. We are a full dev shop that has delivered many of the NFT projects you have seen on Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand.

How do I get whitelisted?

We will not have a whitelist. The Packs will be issued on a first come, first served basis.  We will create a que but will not limit the amount one person can buy.  Please join our Telegram channel, follow us on Twitter, and sign up below for the mailing list to stay up to date. (Hint: Those on our Mailing List will get first notification.)

What is the reservation event?

This event will allow Radix users to reserve their Packs. They will fill out a form and get exact instructions on how to send us the XRD in exchange for their reservation tokens.  With each token they will see an encrypted message with a code that will allow them exclusive entry to certain websites and social networks.

What will this encrypted code do?

This code will be a key or password for entry into the back alley to conduct activities such as recommend charities or vote on the winner.  We are building this now.

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